SQL StoredProcedure for data validation using REGEX in SSIS

  • hi,

    I have a requirement where we get data from Oracle source and destination is also Oracle db. Only validation is done in SSIS. So, i have to validate the data using regular expression  in SQL Storedprocedure (in ssis) and send bad data to a error log table with logging the record ( with table name , column name , error code) .

    I am new to regular expression ,  i am kind of confused how to start and how to validate with regular expressions.

    Can you please provide simple , sample example to understand.

    For example : Age validation : Age cannot be zeros , age cannot be 200 years old or in future.

    How do we get simple Storedprocedure for the same?


    Thanks again for help in advance.



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    • TSQL does not support regex natively, & therefore you probably won't do regex in a TSQL stored procedure unless you implement CLR functions. PLSQL does have some regex functions. But you really do not need regex for the simple criteria you cited.

    In this case the where clause filter would seem to simply be:

    Age > 0 AND Age < 200

    You stated "Age cannot be zeros". I hope that does not mean age is a text/varchar datatype that could include a string of multiple zeroes.

    In future does not make sense to me in the context of age. What do you mean when you say age cannot be "in future"?

  • I'll also state that RegEx is serious overkill for the type of validations you've described.  You certainly don't need CLR, either.  The example the ratback provided above will work quite nicely and usually faster than a call to RegEx via a CLR (been there, done that).  It's just not necessary for thing like you describe.

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  • Thanks for the Reply. I was able to validate data using Regular expressions , since we have oracle source data Using Script component as transformation in SSIS. It is way easier to validate the data , record by record , to load data into Target. Replying this thread , as it might help someone.

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