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  • Wow, he started with a zx81 with 16K of memory, snap, but we couldn't afford the upgrade straight away so had to settle for the original 1K it shipped with

  • I got mine with 16k and a friend had one with 32k. I "borrowed" his extra 16k and added it into mine. I WAS KING

    Cheers,CrispinI can't die, there are too many people who still have to meet me!It's not a bug, SQL just misunderstood me!

  • 16k?

    Six-teen-kay ?

    When I were a lad we had to make do with an Acorn Atom and half a kb of memory.

    AND we managed to cram Space Invaders and an operating system into it.

    All these young ZX81 people, poncing around with their fancy friends and their modern RAM packs.

    DBAs these days don't know they're born...


  • 32K! Like I said - I was king.

    One thing that makes me laugh today:

    When I had my ZX Spectrum (Upgraded to 32K) I got bored waiting for the games to load from tape.

    I had a double deck tape player I used to load the programes. I tried sticking a blank into the recorder part and the normal one in the other. I then "recorded" at hi-speed dubbing. While doing this, the headphone jack still worked. My reasoning was: If the sound sounds faster, the program would load faster.


    Never did work.

    Cheers,CrispinI can't die, there are too many people who still have to meet me!It's not a bug, SQL just misunderstood me!

  • Great interview Steve.  I'm looking forward to the others!

  • Oops, forgot to say that as I got sidetracked with the zx81

    I agree, great interview and for those interested he's also got a blog that he updates quite often.


  • My avatar speaks volumes. Great article!!

  • Hehe.  I had the little rubber raised key overlay for the TS-1000 you could set directly on top of the flat keyboard to simulate a real keyboard.

    Then one day I went and upgraded to the VIC-20 with a whopping 5K of RAM (I think only 3.5 - 4K was available for user programs though).

  • Wow, a VIC-20 too (this really takes me back ), although I can't help feeling that this discussion has moved slightly away from what it's meant to be about .

    I'll see your VIC-20 and raise you a Comodore 64

  • VIC-20 here. Tape and all, but I'll see your 64 and raise you an Apple II

  • I really enjoyed the interview, but I didn't quite follow this:

    It included 15 months in year 3

    Is that a metric year?  Or does it explain Microsoft's release schedule?


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