SQL Server service is not stopping

  • There was a bottleneck in a server.

    In order to avoid that I have changed some configuration changes in the Server for Memory setting, Processor settings (Unchecked Automatically set processor affinity, Automatically set IO affinity) and connection settings.

    When the services were restarted it went to a hung state.

    The service is not starting or stopping.

    The instance cannot be accessed.

    The state in SQL Server Configuration Manager is "Change pending..."

    Can you please help?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Try reading the errorlog - still accessible either by opening the errorlog file directly (it's a plain text file) or via the "Applications" tab in the windows event log. More often than not, this will provide useful information about what's going on.

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  • I have restrarted the server and the services has started now.

    I connected to the instance.

    But when I am trying to open Properties of the instance I am getting the following error:

    Failed to retrieve data for this request

    Failed to connect to server

    A connection was successfully established with the server,

    but then an error occured during login process.

    (Provider: Shared Memory Provider error: 0-No process is on the other end of the pipe)

    I have confirmed that all the protocols are enabled.

  • I stopped the browser serice and connected to the server.

    Then I started the browser service.

    It worked for me.

    Thanks for your help

  • I changed the browser services to manual from disabled.

    and started the services it work for me .


  • Knowledge Hunter (1/8/2013)

    There was a bottleneck in a server.

    What kind of bottleneck?

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  • There was no bottleneck. Issue was related to "CHANGE PENDING STATE" of all services showing on SQL server configuration manager page , though my application was running absolutely fine.

  • Actually, my solution is some different others. I cannot connect to sql server instance. No sqlcmd, no restart service, no sql management studio, no restart the computer. They do not work. I open the sql server configuration manager. There is a list which shows the ms sql server services. There is a process id(pid) in Sql Server line. Take process id and noted it. Go to task manager(details tab) and find the this process id and kill it(end task). After that, start the service. It works. Enjoy it. This is my solution.

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