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  • Sorry.  I don't care if I'm not the actual owner of their software even if I've bought a license for it... they need to make turning such monitoring off a whole lot easier.  The software may be theirs but the data about my hardware and how I use their software and how it performs while I'm using it is mine.  Just because they say they collect it doesn't mean that it's right for them to do so.

    If they really wanted to improve the product, they could slow down and do a whole lot more testing.  CUs and new versions scale the bejeezus out of me because I know that something will be broken or they'll have taken away a feature/some functionality or put some garbage in the system to make thing easier for people that should probably stay away from keyboards.  You'd think that they'd be getting better at it but they're getting much worse.  2017 RTM was a train-wreck of performance issues, for example.

    And then there's poor ol' SSMS.  Seems like everytime they touch it, something else goes wrong.  And that's just the on premise stuff.  What the hell were they thinking when they "designed" Azure?  Lordy!

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  • We have to conduct an annual GDPR audit.  We've found it far easier to make adjusting the GDPR documentation part of the software development lifecycle than trying to perform an archeological treasure/turd hunt at audit time.

    If an annual approach is taken, rather than continual, then the risk is that business priorities may be impacted by regulatory priorities.  Imagine an annual audit occurring for an online retailer around Black Friday!

    In terms of telemetry from apps my experience is that it is a bit of a mixed blessing.  Production DB Servers don't have access to the internet.  Ingres/egress are very tightly monitored and controlled.

    When Macbooks crash they want to send the stack trace back to Apple.  To do this you need an Apple Id.  Corporate policy blocks the use of the Apple store so Apple get no benefit from this.

    My experience with various other apps is that the send facility tends to be a bit flaky.

  • There should be a way to block this traffic using a firewall rule. I doubt if SQL Server would stop working just because it can't post or ping Microsoft support center.

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  • It doesn't stop working, and a firewall might stop things. Might not be that simple, but a lack of network traffic to the Internet doesn't stop the service.


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