SQL Server performance issue after an upgrade

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  • Going from CAL to Core licensing for a server this size must have been hugely expensive though... care to share how that went?

  • true, 36 cores x $7,000 = $252,000, a quarter million for one node, plus SA, about 25% of licensing, or $63,000 per year.

  • 36 CPUs, if I'm reading it correctly... and that CPU has 18 cores...

  • this model, Proliant DL360 Gen10, supports 2 processors, with up to 28 cores per processor, so, 36 is the # of cores, before hyperthreading.

  • Good to know... still big bucks in SQL licensing... though some companies might not think so, I guess.

  • yes, the change was quite a hard one. The thing that helped was, this being our beta partner, a lot of investments or budget allocation was already made,so it somehow fell in that equation.

    The fortunate part though,was, we had a only 2 clients the then, who were with more than 20 cores,so even if we were hit, for future aspects, this saved us!


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