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    I didn't know where to post it so I'm posting here. I'm a developer and currently I've a developer license. I never worried/needed a production license until now but I've got a client who is SQL illiterate and not technical at all.

    I did some google on licensing but I need to know which one will be good for this given requirement.

    1. License required for an online store.

    2. Server has one Intel Xeon E3-1270 V3 (Quad core)

    The one option is license per core and other is Server + CAL.

    I like to know that each registered buyer on a e-commerce site will be treated as one CAL? Which I think is not so can I suggest my client to get Server + CAL license?

  • sqlnyc


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    if you don't know how many clients the web site will have, I don't see how your customer can use CAL.

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    Firstly, a development license cannot be used on a production machine.

    Secondly, before you worry about licensing consider which version of SQL Server will be used? Would the Express version suffice? Even though Express only supports a single core and 10GB databases, a clever model might be able to make use of that.

    Thirdly, will the machine be a physical box or a VM? I have read the specs as you have presented them but is this box dedicated to the SQL Server or does it host other services as well?

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    Hi jiya.care,

    In this situation (assuming you are needing a licensed copy of SQL Server and not Express), your best option is going to be core based licensing. Since you have a quad core CPU, you're going to need to license all 4 cores to ensure that access to the SQL Server is covered. CAL based licensing is a good solution in some scenarios, but you would need to know how many users are accessing your SQL Server at any point in time. If you buy 3 CALS and you have 4 connections at one point (including any SQL Administrators or developers), you are out of compliance.

    Core based licensing avoids this tricky situation.

    Hope this helps! 🙂


  • Joy Smith San


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    .... and I think for Enterprise edition it's only core based license... CAL is not available for EE...

  • Joern Boeger

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    licensing hard stuff! 😉

    Enterprise -> only core

    Standard -> core and CAL

    Take SA (Software Assurance) to use licence mobility.

    That is important for DR or migrate to a new server.

    Applies only to hardware licensing

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