• If we have a stateful connection (RDS) and the database fails how will the application reconnect. I do not believe that our application was written using MSCS API. Therefore I don't believe that it caches the user logon and password to log back into the session. So, my question is can the application work with clustering since it uses stateful connections? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Wouldnt that be a function of your app rather than the cluster? Not uncommon to drop/lose a connection to the server, normally you just trap that error and try to reconnect, then resume.


  • If your app doesn't trap the disconnect then your app WILL blow up :). You must check for a connection before you send data if there is no connection try to re-establish the connection from cached data in your app. its not hard to code for a disconnect. Other wise your clients will have to shut down loosing all info from the time of the disconnect and re login to the DB.


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