SQL Server and CloudStrike

  • Has anyone had issues with CloudStrike Anti-Virus on their SQL Servers? I've had a client install CloudStrike, and within 30 minutes the SQL Server became unresponsive and stopped accepting new user connections. The server has been running without issues for about 2 years. We had to do a forced Service Shut down from an existing connection (SHUTDOWN WITH NOWAIT).

    30 minutes later the service hung again, and we got the security team to disable the AI functionality in CloudStrike, and did another service restart, after which the server ran for about 12 hours before giving problems again. The only connection I could get through was Dedicated Admin.

    There are no error messages in any of the normal Windows or SQL logs, although I can't see what's in the CloudStrike log.

    The current plan is to uninstall CloudStrike and see if this solves the problem, but that means the AV is gone.


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  • Yeah there is a big thing with CrowdStrike at the moment, you need to ensure the exclusions are all set right for it and it is operating outside the SQL working set.




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