SQL Server 2012: Creative Thinking for a Creative New Licensing Model

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  • I agree that a little creative thinking is required.

    The aspect that causes us a problem is the removal of the server/CAL licensing model from the Enterprise Edition. We have a mirrored pair of Enterprise Edition SQL Servers where the Principal is licensed under the CPU licensing model (it serves data for external consumption) and where the Mirror is licensed under the Server/CAL model (it's used to serve internal reports from a snapshot). With the licensing change we'll have to license both (2 x quad-core) servers under the new CPU core model which almost doubles the amount we'll have to pay come renewal time (under SA).

    We're taking advantage of the change in licensing to refresh our (five year-old but still perfectly capable) servers, and in doing so reducing the CPU count to keep the annual license renewal cost approximately the same as it is now. We're just waiting for Intel to release their upcoming Xeon E5 range before going ahead as I've got my eyes on the E5-2643.

    Of course there will be a cost associated with the new hardware, but it will effectively pay for itself the first year. As a bonus we get shiny new higher-spec servers to play with, and we relieve the existing servers for use elsewhere.

    Thanks to Microsoft, the justification for this hardware refresh, which probably wouldn't have happened otherwise, was very easy.


  • I've not looked into it.. but all that money for always on is a lot of money if that is what makes enterprise interesting for you. Are there no feasible 3d party products for this?

  • I never agreed "licensing for computing power" since its sounds some smart *** marketing guy saying "Hey, if you can afford a big server you can afford to pay more for the same DB system!".

    If they are using "computing power" why not pricing by FLOPS*? (just kidding).

    And they can also price it using the Big Mac Index**. Why smalls macdonald's from L.A., Dubai or São Paulo must pay for the same license? (just kidding too?).





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