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  • Currently filestream is not enabled by default...to enable it you must use:

    exec [sp_filestream_configure] @enable = 3;

    Then to see this value..which is what I think the question is getting at:

    "Enabled for Transact-SQL, local file system access, and remote file system access."

    You must run:

    SELECT ServerProperty ('filestreamConfiguredLevel') to see the value of 3.



  • From BOL for 2008


    SELECT SERVERPROPERTY ('FilestreamShareName')

    ,SERVERPROPERTY ('FilestreamConfiguredLevel')

    ,SERVERPROPERTY ('FilestreamEffectiveLevel');

    FilestreamConfiguredLevel shows the currently configured level of FILESTREAM access, and FilestreamEffectiveLevel shows the effective value of FILESTREAM access. These values might be different if either an instance restart or a computer restart is pending.

    When FilestreamEffectiveLevel differs from FilestreamConfiguredLevel and you run sp_filestream_configure without parameters, the results contain an informational message that describes why the values are different.

    Effective / Confirured - microsoft's explanation still seems a little vague. But the QOD was clear enough and a good question.

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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