SQL Monitor 3.x - Customizing Alerts Via Regular Expressions

  • In SQL Monitor you can custom the LRQ (Long Running Query) Alert to not be raised if the SQL Command/code matches a regular expression you've specified. The problem is there’s no help/info that I can find on how to use this thing. For example what form of Regular Expressions do I use? In UltraEdit you have to select between PEARL, UNIX or UltraEdits own flavor of Regular Expressions.

    I've already posted this at the Red-Gate User forum over a week ago and not one reply has been made; not even by an employee and that’s odd.

    On the SQL Monitor product documentation page that covers Alert Configuration there’s no mention of the Regular Expression option not even a passing reference let alone how to use it.

    Does anyone one these forums have any experience using Regular Expressions in SQL Monitor Alerts and if so then what is the exact set of characters you need to specify in the regular expression to filter out any LRQ alerts that contain the below:


    Any help, feedback or suggestions (where to find the answer) would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Hi there,

    Sorry we didn't spot your question in the Forums - usually we keep on top of these things. We use the Regex flavour implemented in .NET, which is documented here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/az24scfc(v=VS.100).aspx For more details, hit the blue "?" in the alert configuration for Long-running query alerts, which should help to get you started. Finally, the exact Regex you're looking for is:


    Literally just this word will exclude all queries that include "WAITFOR" in their query text.

    Hope that helps,


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