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  • We have a UAT environment, in which customers outside of our organization run tests against software that we develop using a SQL Server back-end. Assuming the testing goes well, we promote the code to PROD and the customers are happy.

    My question: Since we are providing a service to customers outside of our organization, even though it is testing, are we required to use a production (i.e. paid) SQL Server license?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I've seen it work both ways with those kind of "edge" scenarios from Microsoft.

    When it comes to licensing, it's best to get the answer from MS since that's who you have the licensing agreement with. And get it in an email, writing or something you can save. If your company has a TAM, I'd go through that person.


  • Regardless of who is using it for what, unless it's development SQL server then you have to pay for the license.



  • Kris-155042 (12/7/2016)

    Regardless of who is using it for what, unless it's development SQL server then you have to pay for the license.

    This is definitely not right, in many cases Microsoft accepts quality assurance testing and even user acceptance testing as non-production! So as already mentioned, check with Microsoft or your reseller directly.

  • It is right. And I have checked with MS



  • How Microsoft recognize whether Setup using for Development Or Testing Or Production ?

    I am also using Dev Setup for Test ( Integration and UAT).


  • Well, MSDN Subscriptions have limited test rights:


    ADDITIONAL LICENSE TERMS. The following provisions apply to software provided with the subscription.

      Acceptance Testing and Feedback. Your end users may access the software to perform acceptance tests on your applications or to provide feedback on your applications.

    Note, of course, that MSDN subscriptions have many other very rigorous licensing limitations, but if you fit within those, then the above may, or may not, be everything you need either before or after purchasing MSDN subscriptions for every single actual QA person, developer, etc. (NOT end user performing acceptance tests/providing feedback on your apps) that will ever use it.

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