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    Trying evaluate if this OPS_PROJ_FMIS.STATE_OPTION_2 date and keep getting an error

    How Do I used IsDate Funtions in this?


  • 1=True, 0=False


  • Although this sounds like a strange question, why are you trying to check something to see if it's a date?  If you intend to CONVERT it without having a failure, use TRY_CONVERT() or TRY_CAST() instead.  If it's a valid DATE or DATETIME, it'll return it in the DATATYPE you specified.  If it's not valid, it'll return a null.

    Also, when you have a question on a function of this nature, it'll take you less time to look it up than to ask the question on a forum.  See the following and look for the RETURN TYPE (an INT, in this case) and a couple of the examples.



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