• iliadhe

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    hello there

    ihave a problem with this stored procedure (sp_makewebtask). I want to create the file in an other computer then mine and i proceed like this :

    create TRIGGER _TRIGGER_TEST ON [dbo].[Table_SAV]



    execute sp_makewebtask

    @outputfile='\\MyserverName\MyDirectorie\test.xml', @query='select refclient from table_sav for xml auto',@username='TELECOMPARTNERS\HADDAD',@dbname='TPAccessSQL',@templatefile='D:\DATA\Multiple.tpl'

    But evry time i have an ODBC error message from sqlserver which says me that there is an other user which use this table

    I don' t understand

    help me

  • Andy Warren

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    You're creating a new web task each time instead of running it using sp_runwebtask? Can you explain a bit about what you're trying to accomplish and why?


  • iliadhe

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    i try to save the result of an insert in a file, the stored pc is in the network.

    And for this i use a triigger wich called the stored procedure sp_makewebtask.

    I suuceed in a local computer but not in the network.

    ps : sorry for my english, i make my best.

    i uselly speek french

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