SP3 upgrade from SP2 failed, PLS HELP

  • Hello guys,

    we are planing to upgrade SP2 to SP3 for our production. so i first wanted to upgrade our development box but the MS SQL SERVICE upgrade fail . when i going in SSMS and check the version it says SP3 but in the summary.txt it is saying fail.

    This is a sql server 2005 standard edition running sp2.

    Below in the copy of the message in the Summary.txt

    Product : Database Services (MSSQLSERVER)

    Product Version (Previous): 4035

    Product Version (Final) :

    Status : Failure

    Log File : C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Hotfix\SQL9_Hotfix_KB955706_sqlrun_sql.msp.log

    Error Number : 29537

    Error Description : MSP Error: 29537 SQL Server Setup has encountered the following problem: [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]One or more files do not match the primary file of the database. If you are attempting to attach a database, retry the operation with the correct files. If this is an existing database, the file may be corrupted and should be restored from a backup.. To continue, correct the problem, and then run SQL Server Setup again.

    Any help in this matter in greatly appreciated.


    During my research i saw that some one mentioned to check the default database setting in sql properties. and if those folders and paths are avialable. which they are as i checked it before posting.

  • was one of your databases in suspect mode before you started the upgrade? I think the error is quite explicit.

    the database should still be marked suspect so fix that issue then rerun the upgrade


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