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    Hi Folks

    I am newbie for Data Warehousing.. Please guide on books, articles, web sites, White Papers and other literature. As I am in the project where I will be responsible for database side.

    Thanks in advance


  • David McFarland


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    If you're a newbie, I'd actually recommend Datawarehousing for Dummies as a first book. You'll find no actual coding, etc., but it does make many of the concepts easy to grasp. Last time I glanced at it it was a bit outdated in its software recommendations, but the concepts were simple, yet pretty sound, and best of all, it's the only book I've seen that helps you keep a project alive through hell and high water, which is a good descriptor for many DW projects. It's well tailored for those playing key roles in the project, telling them what sort of help they'll need, what questions to ask of which people, avoiding scope creep, etc. There are probably some intermediate books, but I have no idea which ones are good. Once you've got it down for the most part, you can read the big-daddies, Kimball and/or Inmon. They both know their stuff (and often can't agree), but they can get pretty heavy into theory, so don't expect entertaining reading material.

    Finally, after doing all of that, if you head down some path such as thinking Ralph knows best, so you want to create a star schema, keep in mind that every situation is unique, and what works best for one environment might not work for your's.

    You might want to read through this as well.

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    To start , this is a good tutorial.


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    does anyone know of any step by step guides to setup a sample DWH. I've read a lot of the literature and installed the AdventureworksDW sample but obviously that is a complete system whereas i'd like to start from the beginning but not sure where that is......



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    The delivering Business Intelligence Books by Brian Larson might fit the bill. There is one for SQL Server 2005 and one for 2008.

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    It is pricey but it is a great intro book, and very vendor neutral

    For SQL Server you might also look at another very good book that covers all the fundamentals well

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