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    I also read it as being Yes as the question didnt specify needing to delete or not delete the other snapshots, so in theory Yes I can revert to any of the snapshots.


    Just need to delete all the other snapshots that exist before doing the restore...

    Very tricksy, my precious...


    Agreed. I knew that you had to delete the other snapshots before restoring, but I also knew that you can delete the other snapshots and then restore. While the principle of the question is a good idea, its vagueness leads to two potential correct answers.

    Since the question asks if you can restore and doesn't specifically impose any restrictions on how you go about restoring, the literal interpretation of the question as written would properly be answered "Yes, by deleting the other snapshots and then restoring."

    As written, the answer is wrong.

    Totally agreed with all those who got it wrong by saying "Yes". As mentioned by all, the question is not correct (or complete) and doesn't ask for the process or restrictions. Most of us who have worked with snapshots know that it is possible and hence replied "Yes".

    Moderator should consider before allowing such questions with vague answers.

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  • palotaiarpad (7/19/2012)

    I'm not agree with the "right" answer. I can revert to any undamaged snapshot:

    Step 1: delete all other snapshot

    Step 2: revert to the selected

    The answer would be right only with the condition: "without removing the snapshots"

    Same here.

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