Setting up and using dbt (Data Build Tool) with SQL Server

  • dbt, or Data Build Tool, is a piece of software that allows analysts to write SQL/Python/Jinja code to  faciliate ELT workflows to your data warehouse. Analysts can write code that will serialize into valid SQL code, the code will create views in your data warehouse, and full documentation allows anyone to review object definitions and dependencies.

    I'd like to write either a couple articles or a stairways series on how to set up dbt against a SQL Server environment, how to create views using the jinja templating, how to deploy to the warehouse, how to review the documentation, etc.



  • If you're serious, then instead of posting spam, contact the web master for this site.

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  • I'm not affiliated with dbt in any way and I'm not spamming. dbt is a popular tool used for creating views and other artifacts as a part of ELT workflows, and it has integrations with SQL Server. This was also posted in the seemingly appropriate forum about Requested Articles.

  • Still, if you want to write check out this page:


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