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    Hi All,

    Thanks in advanced for help given. I have the following table:


    I want to run a query to show two columns - process ID and a Boolean column. The Boolean column will be true if all the completeddatetime values have a datestamp for that process id. It will be false if any of the completeddatetime values have a null.

    So the output should say:

    5931  true

    5932  true

    5933  false

    5934  false

    I have tried this with iif statement and case statement but cant get it working, but am sure its quite simple!

    Thank you. sijcooke


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    This is a duplicate post and it's actually incomplete.  Please, no replies here.  See the following post instead.  It's also been answered but don't let that stop you if you have a better way to solve this problem.

    --Jeff Moden

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