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  • 6 weeks is more than enough to learn an ancient language like Hebrew. It will be fun, quite inexpensive, and you have the added value of reading the Scriptures without too much bad translations messing up the meaning.


  • Idea for a sabbatical, if you can afford it, if you have the contacts and if you can, go work for a company someplace very different to where you are now. I'm thinking about cities like Firenze, Osaka, Seoul, Johannesburg, Rio, Moscow. It may only be for 5-6 weeks but hopefully the change in culture will be a fresh awakening.

    I spent 3 years in Japan and I strongly recommend that one should work in places very different to where you grew up.

    p.s. I should read the whole editorial. I read the initial part in outlook and then only realised that there was more on reading the later comments. My apologies for this.

    As a new suggestion, is there you always said that you wouldn't mind doing, but never got around to?

    I'm thinking of something like sculpture, mastering a herb garden, painting in oils or something like this. If you could find a month long course, you would have the time to practise, learn some theory and learn practically.

  • Unfortunately as a freelance SQL DBA/Consultant in the UK being in and out of work I have to put up with "enforced" sabbaticals. However in the past year I have managed to watch my daughter grow up (her 1st birthday is this weekend) and that is time I can't get back, so that is a huge plus. Maybe you could learn a new subject/project with your children? At least it will be time spent together. I have also become addicted to Chess in the past 18 months for some reason having no interest before this. How odd. :crazy:

    Good luck Steve, hope you manage to get out something meaningful of your six weeks.


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  • Given that you say you are limited pretty much to staying home, then it really boils down to an area you would like to study.

    I'll leave aside musical endeavours, because as much as the idea of taking the time to record a few numbers on a home studio appeals personally, it's dependent on already having reached some level of musical aptitude that you're happy to make recordings with (doesn't have to be anything for general release, can be just for wife and kids birthdays, family and friends, people appreciate the personal touch with music).

    The one area that I am professionally interested in, but don't feel I have the time in my day job as a production DBA, is to look more into statistical computing, particularly in relation to data mining. It's been decades since I did maths at high school and university, so I could do with going back and revising my statistical maths and then going through Bayesian analysis, Markov chains, all that good stuff.

  • How about special training for x number of people. Lets say for 4 weeks. It could be at home or close to home. You already have the training contacts. The group will have to pay their way, but they get the once in a lifetime chance to get special training from you. This will be a chance to give more back to the community and it means that your sabbatical expands to the group. 😀

    Of course it all depends on the availability of the correct resources near your home.

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  • It's probably not quite the right thing being just more of the same, but I'd love 6 weeks with just me and Pluralsight. The backlog of courses I want to do is quite enormous.

  • Getting involved with a charity especially one that would welcome your insight in terms of their systems would be a worthwhile investment.

  • quackhandle1975 (1/9/2014)

    I have also become addicted to Chess in the past 18 months for some reason having no interest before this. How odd. :crazy:qh

    Not odd at all. I fell in love with chess (again) a couple of years ago and I'm taking it so seriously I joined a local club and started playing in local leagues. Great fun.

    Oh and did I mention my obsession with 1 minute bullet games on ICC?!

    If you're around the Manchester area let me know and I'm sure we can arrange a games of chess or two 😛


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  • One of the best sabbaticals at a place I once worked was a colleague who took a course to qualify as a Steam Engine Driver. He was an engineer in his working life but stuck behind a desk writing up specifications, doing admin and liaising with suppliers. He was so contented when he got back to work. He kept the framed certificate above his desk.

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  • If there's a trade or craft that you are interested in, find a willing "master" and do an intensive 6 week apprenticeship.

    Or, help Habitat for Humanity build one house - or help in 6 different "blitz builds".

    Or learn beer brewing.

  • I'm puzzled by those of us who have, in essence, said 'take a sabbatical so you can learn more work-related stuff.' :blink:

    Go build houses, Steve... Habitat for Humanity or any other community outreach program would love to have you for a while. And that kind of hard work is DEFINITELY its own reward.

  • If I had a six week sabbatical, I would take a six week course a local college offers in jazz.


  • Get your ham radio license and build an Elecraft K2: (Also Colorado needs more emergency response folks, take a class.)

    Take some chef courses and challenge Sean McCown to a mystery basket cook-off at the next PASS Summit.

  • How about helping out at a local non-profit.

    Or one that I have been looking at, volunteering to help teach computer skills to people, say at a shelter, or half-way house.

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