Running a Query Using a Text File for Input

  • Very good comprehensive article. I just don't understand why a simple BULK INSERT couldn't be used to populate a temp table...

    --Jeff Moden

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  • mojo (1/14/2008)

    Does anyone know the Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 engine works with 64-bit SQL 2005 server?

    See this

    It has a link to another post where more details are discussed. 😉

    BI Guy

  • Hi

    I am new to SQL servers and I would like to know how does one script a database and what is scripting. I know how to use the copy tables but I don't want to copy tables only, I would like to copy the entire database.

    Thank You

  • Anatol,

    I used your method to prepare text input to use in a WHERE clause with an IN ( ) list. If I have a lot more data to input, I would want to use a file for input, but I don't know how to actually use the file that is created in your example. Please explain.


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