Rolling Back a Restore

  • If anything, I would rather have the option to take a full, copy-only backup of the existing database as part of the restore (probably as part of the WITH clause).

  • Matt,

    Now that is a great idea as well.

  • Its Great Idea.

    Nowadays space is not an issue. Production data more costlier than space.

  • It wouldn’t do anything you can’t do already. You can restore a database with a new name, verify it is OK, drop the old database, and then rename the restored database.

    There are so many possible scenarios for a restore that I don’t think it is really that useful. For example, a complete restore up to a point in time of a failure using the full backup and transaction log backups.

    I rarely use the GUI for a restore; I find that it’s easier to use a script.

  • If I have a concern, I detach the existing database and change the extension to .old (ie: mydbname.mdf.old and mydbname.ldf.old). Then I restore from the backup. If anything fails, all I have to do is remove the .old part of the extension and attach the files. Once I know everything is good-to-go, I delete the old files and that frees up the space.


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