Returning Measure from Dim Date.

  • Good day all,
    I have the 2 tables, one containing the Fact transaction while other is the date Dimension.

    Am able to build the the following DAX columns in the Date Dimension

    1. [Day of Month] := DAY('Date'[Date])
    2. [NDM] = : DAY(ENDOFMONTH ( 'Date'[Date] ))

    And I have the following Measures in fact table
    1. [Actual Balance]
    2. [Interest]
    The two tables is connected with the DateKey from both tables (1:N)
    I want to create another measure based on the 2 columns from Date Dimension and the measures from the fact table i.e
    [Pool rate] :=  ([Actual Balance] / [Interest]) * ( [Day of Month] * [NDM]) * 100

    Kindly help.

  • Please explain what the measure you're creating is meant to calculate... and how it's meant to work. I think you may have a math error in your formula, but without knowing what it's meant to calculate, I cant tell.

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