Return a value if record does not exist

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    Is is it possible to retun a value from a select statement if the record does not exist in the database.

    For example,

    SELECT price FROM products

    WHERE productname = 'bob'

    How can I return 0 if there is no product called 'bob'?


  • Tom257


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    No, the SELECT statement is designed that way.

    You can achieve what you want like this (its not good practise)


    WHERE productname = 'bob')

    SELECT 0 AS price;


    SELECT price FROM products

    WHERE productname = 'bob';

    However - how do you know if the productname 'bob' does exist, but has a price of 0? - you can't tell from the results which condition gave the result, so its not a reliable test for the existance of productname 'bob'

  • RBarryYoung

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    There are a couple of different ways to get around this problem. Tom lists the most straight-forward way (IF). If you need to stick to a single SQL statment or something that could be used in a view, you could use either a conditioned UNION or the following trick, an outer join of a single constant as a table source:

    SELECT COALESCE(P.price, 0) as price

    FROM products as P


    SELECT 1 as Constant

    ) as Dummy ON P.productname = 'bob'

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    There is no way to do it in one select query directly from table .But a few work around is there


    ISNULL(P.price, 0) as price

    FROM products as P



    1 as productname) as PROD

    ON P.productname = Prod.productname and P.productname ='bob'

    make sure that 1 is not available in products table

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    Wonderful solution! Congratulations!

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    ricoinside-sqlcentral wrote:

    Wonderful solution! Congratulations!

    Hmmm... wait for it...

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  • David Burrows

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    SELECT price FROM products
    WHERE productname = 'bob'
    ),0) AS [price]

    This will only work if only one or no row is found in matching

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