Retrieve username for report?

  • We have a "report" that executes a stored procedure to perform updates. For these updates, we would like to track which user ran the report.  When a user logs into the SSRS web portal, they authenticate with their Windows Username and Password. Is there any way for an SSRS Report to pull in as a parameter the Windows Username of the person running the report?

    For security reasons, we are limiting this update report to only one business user, but also IT needs access to the report in order to change any settings on the report or to verify that it is working.  If someone in IT does run the report, we would want a record of their username as being the one who ran the report.

  • If you want to see who is running the report the execution log table and views in the report server database will tell you who and when the reports where run.

    If you need to pass in the user as a parameter to the stored procedure execution you can use the user scoped variable &UserID to pass the windows user running the report to a parameter of the data set.

  • Thank you, =User!UserID works like a charm.

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