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  • It is nice to see a company stepping up to try to help so many people.  I truly hope it works and I truly hope it doesn't turn out to be a marketing ploy (you can get a whole lot of very loyal customers doing something like this).  They're going to need a little help though because there's a ton of people that have no access to a computer and may not know how to operate a smart phone in such a manner and it's wicked difficult to take a programming course on just a smart phone.  And, to be sure, it's going to need to be off-site/remote training because of all the lockdowns and shutdowns Covid-19 is causing.  How would you even contact such people to let them know that such training exists?

    It's going to be us.  Shoot... even I wouldn't have known about any of this if it weren't for Steve's article.  I know several people that just might be interested.

    Thanks for the article, Steve!

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  • Steve

    I think his name is Brad not Bad, although I did chuckle when I read the link.

    And Jeff's right, this came out a week ago and I haven't seen anything on any of the tech news websites I follow.


  • I have suggested this earlier, but it has been several years, so will put it out here again.  I found that a great source for me to dabble in new skills and try different technology was the Community College where you can take individual courses without long-term commitments and costs.  I was able to find evening classes in a number of different technologies that I could attend for just a few weeks commitment at a reasonable cost, often get a co-worker to attend with me, and get basic exposure to different areas.  Toward the end, I was doing this entirely online at my own schedule, with no pressure, and for those of us with considerable computer power at home, this can work well.  This was a great way to widen my scope in other areas while I was focused entirely on SQL Server at work for my last years.   Especially for you younger folks, if a sudden need for a job change comes along, it can give you more 'curb appeal' by extending  your basic skills at a low cost.     When I was starting out, IBM was the dominant force in IT, so even though I took positions using other vendors technology, well before Microsoft was on the scene,  I could keep my unused skills up to date just in case.

    You don't have to retrain the whole world, only yourself.

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