Restructure 100 Million Row (or more) Tables in Seconds. SRSLY!

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    Gosh... another great article, Solomon. As with anything else, planning and having the resources available for parallel table existance is important but this article covers a problem that a whole lot of people have had even on just SSC. Instead of explaining the whole gambit in the future, I'm just going to point them to this article if they have the extra disk space. Very well done.

    As a side bar, I agree with you about triggers in general but especially on the type of triggers needed to pull off this bit SQL prestidigitation. If they are well written and supported by correct indexing, they don't add much in the line of overhead at all.

    Again, my hat's off to you for this great article.

    --Jeff Moden

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    Solomon Rutzky (10/5/2012)

    now[/i] in SQL Server 2012 you can add a NOT NULL field with a default without locking the table ...

    That is a nice little tidbit of information that I had missed in the SQL 2012 documentation. Thanks for pointing that out, that will be helpful.

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    Solomon, here's the article I wrote that similar but instead uses change tracking. [/url]

    Luke C
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    Great article.

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