Restoring Report Server DB into a new Domain

  • I'm working with someone doing a like for like migration of a SQL Server 2016 with SSRS into a new Azure Domain, no upgrade involved. The database is restored and Encryption Key applied, and we can see the reports without any issues. The problem is we can't see the Subscriptions in SSRS Reports Web Page even though the Subscriptions exist in the database. Related to this is that the Agent Jobs that run the Subscription Schedules haven't auto created as I would expect.

    At the moment I'm still working to get my own access to the servers to check the SSRS logs, but I suspect from previous experience that this may be related to the Subscription owner not existing in the new Domain.

    Has anyone done something like this and have any pointers? Does anyone have a way of updating the owner directly in the database? I know these are held as a SID, although I've not yet had a chance to see if it's the AD account GUID or some other local SID.

    There are probably 50 odd subscriptions, and this is on one of a number of servers, so I'd rather not have to manually recreate them all.


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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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