• Run time of reporting query is less when running directly against the SQL Server Vs Reporting tool. So running reports from third party reporting tool takes more time. Have you came across this problem. Any advise?

  • Could be a lot of reasons. How much slower is it on the report server? How complex is the display of the report (lots of objects, formatting?)? Are you simply displaying the data or are performing aggregation, showing charts? Perhaps you're using a Matrix? Is SSRS on the same server as the data engine?


    We need some more specific information here first before we can offer some proper incite here. Give us as much detail as you can and hopefully we might be able to offer more reasons.


    Excuse my typos and sometimes awful grammar. My fingers work faster than my brain does.

  • Need some more information as Thom indicated. Take a look at the view ExecutionLog3 as this can help you figure out where the time is being spent on generating the report.




  • Actually it's not a SQL server reporting tool, it is another reporting tool. For e.g. when running the query directly on SQL Server it runs in 1 min and from reporting tool it runs approx more than 3 mins.

  • Sorry about that - I made a bad assumption. You'd still be looking at all the same things Thom pointed out. You could also try testing a totally basic report so that there isn't much time spent on formatting the report itself. Or if it's a decent reporting tool, there should be something available to look into some performance metrics.


  • Thanks! It make sense.

  • Something to check is that the sessions running the query have the same connection properties, such as ARITHABORT which Microsoft says should always be set to ON, as it is in SSMS, even though for .Net and other applications the default is OFF:

    You can configure an instance to default all connections to ARITHABORT ON using SSMS server properties, connections page, arithmetic abort setting:

    Some other things to check are in this fine article:


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