Reporting Services 2005 101 using Web Client

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  • It's unfortunate that this article is loaded with typos and grammatical errors. I stopped reading it, because I don't have time to translate what the author is trying to say. I guess I'm just tired of the poor grammatical skills that a lot of authors have, and are posting information and probably getting paid for it. I think that it takes away from the credibility of the author. Bummer, man.

  • Thanks for your comments sqlbuff; I'll keep them in mind for any future writing endeavor

  • Thanks for the reply, Asif. I don't know about other technical people, but my time is very limited, and I pick and choose what I read in order to enhance my current skillset. It's important to me to fully understand what is being said, especially with technical information. I appreciate authors who make sure that the information is being conveyed correctly. Keep on writing - I'm looking forward to future articles from you!

  • Should note that reporting services is essentially IE only.

    You loose features like searching and bookmarks with non-ie browsers. Also the ms html implementation is pretty messed up for mozzila browsers so you have to do work arounds to get it to display. It's not wysiwyg. Also if you export large reports 10,000 rows, you will crash the server after a few reports due to the viewcontrol not releasing unused memory.

  • Hi and thank you for an excellent article!

    Do you know if it's possible to let the user enter some data in the report, like a textfield or textarea?


  • Asif thakns a lot.

  • Hello Asif,

    Thank you so much!

    I was able to follow your guidelines and it worked with a couple of changes. I used VB on the page and had to translate from C# to VB.

    Regards,Yelena Varsha

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    Comments posted here are about the content posted at

    Hello Asif,

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  • Hi Lukcy, It looks like you have issues with your ASP.NET setup. Can you able to run any other application from your dev box?

    By the way, I've a book published now from Apress on client-side reporting services with lots of cool content which developer can enjoy. Here is the link:

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