• Can temp database get big in express SQL2008, if yes, what I need to do to fix it and why temp gets bigger?

  • One easy way is to change the recovery model as Simple;

  • temp db is already in simple

  • My temp db size 5474.63 mb and available is 5472.82 MB, how can I make it smaller

  • How is it posible anyway, I though you can have only 4G in sql express

  • SQL Server 2008 Express has had the maximum size of the databases increased from 4 GB to 10 GB.

    Start by looking at all your queries. Realize that tempdb is used by queries with ORDER BY's, GROUP BY's, aggregates, requires sorting for join processing, and probably a wealth of other intermediate activities that may transpire during query processing.

  • And hash tables for join operations and table spools and lazy spools and index rebuilds and...

    You get the picture. Tempdb is a major source of operational space in the server, even in Express. You need to know what's going on in order to appropriately size it and avoid putting stress on it.

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  • I know there is R2 package came out for express,but I don't have that I have 4G express2008 and I can't understand, how come my tem db is over 5G and it is still operational,can some one please!!!! help me to understand.Thank you

  • Here is my take on it, tempdb is a system database and may be excluded from the 4 GB (or 10 GB) database limit. My best suggestion, contact Microsoft for a definitive answer.

  • Lynn Pettis (5/5/2010)

    SQL Server 2008 Express has had the maximum size of the databases increased from 4 GB to 10 GB.

    Has it? The Microsoft download site for SQL Express still says the limit is 4Gb...do you have a link to a site showing this increase?

    [EDIT] Actually, ignore me--I've just found this is a change in SQL 2008 Express R2. Microsoft don't seem to draw much attention to this on their website, though!

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