Report with 2 tables per page grouped on same data

  • hi all

    looking some advice on the best approach on designing a report in Report builder where each page of the report should have a group header table and then the detail table linked to the data above it, with the column headers of each repeating on each page for the new information. in crystal i could simply have group header page sections etc and it seems much easier to do - no doubt i am just looking at this wrong!

    on each page I want the below split into 2 tables, or at least what appear to be 2 tables

    ssrs inv


    Invoice Number     OrderNum

    89841                        60478


    and then

    Sales Code             Selling Ship Qty

    asdasd                          656

    dads a                         65


    anyone got any tips ?





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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I am sure you can do this using sub-reports, you would send the Invoice Number or Order Number value through to the sub-report.  I'm also sure you could do this using Groups within the Tablix.



  • yes sub reports i am having some luck with now (been really restricted in what i can do due to fixed datasources etc from an ERP)

    just needed to take the time and do some reading up!



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