Report apparently timing out after 30 seconds

  • I was contacted by a user today to say that his report was timing out. Looking in the log file I found:
    library!WindowsService_3!21ec!03/12/2019-07:00:57:: i INFO: Handling data-driven subscription <ID>
    library!WindowsService_3!21ec!03/12/2019-07:00:58:: i INFO: Initializing EnableExecutionLogging to 'True'
    library!WindowsService_3!21ec!03/12/2019-07:01:28:: e ERROR: Error processing data driven subscription <ID>: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

    This suggested that the report had timed-out after 30 seconds but I'm unclear why.[p][/p]Looking at the various timeout settings in play, I have:

    • SIte settings report timeout = 3600 seconds
    • DatabaseQueryTimeout (SSRS config file) = 120 seconds
    • executionTimeout (web.config) = 9000 seconds
    • Remote query timeout (SQL instance) = 600 seconds
    • Timeout on all datasets within the report = 0 seconds (no timeout)
    • Timeout on the report = Use the system default setting
    • Unable to find the timeout being used by the shared data source - isn't listed in the properties - but believe it uses the DatabaseQueryTimeout by default?

    [p][/p]There were no errors reported in the SQL error log at this time.[p][/p]Does anyone have any thoughts on where the apparent 30 second timeout could be configured?[p][/p]Thanks.

  • Turns out that the timeout setting for the data driven subscription is 30 seconds (default) and this is where the issue was occurring. Didn't realise that this is what was breaking but I probably should have added that to the description of the problem anyway.[p][/p]Adding this in case it helps anyone else in the future.[p][/p]Unfortunately can't flag my own reply as an answer :-/

  • I'm having a similar issue with a timeout on a data drive subscription but every time I alter the default (30 second) timeout for the query in the web interface it reverts to the original thirty second setting.  Where did you change the value of the default timeout on the data driven subscription?

    Thank you.

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