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    I have SQL server 2005 database; one central server on which is installed 2005 Standard Edition and X subscribers which have installed SQL Server Express edition.

    The structure of the database is the same as the one on the central server. The difference is the data set on each subscriber (the central server has the complete database with all the data (complete data set) and on each subscriber will have only part of the data form the central server database (data subset of the central server data set). This subset is specific for each subscriber. (This dataset depends of the subscriber)

    I have to do a classical data merge (bidirectional update of the data)replication. The difference is that the central servers (the publisher) have to merge different subset (set) of data depending on the subscriber (different data merge for each subscriber separately).

    The connection between the central server and the subscribers are different for each subscriber. Some of the subscribers will be in the same domain, some through internet connection or some of them will have dial-up connection.

    Can someone, anyone help me on this or give me some advice or suggestion?



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    This looks like the typical scenario involving a set of filtered publication/subscriber replications, either Bi-Directional Transactional or Merge. What exactly is your question?

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