Replication: Distribution Agent Monitoring

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  • This is excellent. Think I'll probably get some good use out of this query. Will post again if I notice any issues.

  • Nice article Brian. Thanks for sharing.

    Sujeet Singh

  • Good stuff Brian!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this! We've just implemented SQL Server Replication a week or so ago and I'm sure that this will help tremendously going forward.

  • Excellent! We have Replication latencies several times a day on our daisy-chain system (Production-to-Reporting-to-DataMart) and this proc found the bottlenecks.

    Three thumbs up.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Since this thread is going on with replication I want to clarify some issues that I am facing in my project

    In our project we have concept of DB mirroring (replication) of OLTP data from one core db server to target db server

    Also, we are using using for our SAP BO reporting purposes. Now sometimes the problem happen is in one the SAP BO report part of the data is not updated into cubes after cube refresh is done, it is delaying the same data to update after 24 hours once the process to update cubes run

    So, once we analyzed we found that it is not the problem in queries as we tested the same scenario in development and the data is updating after first set of run / cube refresh

    Then the thought come to our mind is that sometimes we got alert like replication is not bringing data into database for some sort of minutes through the alert that is configured for replication

    Now, my question is suppose the replication is replying the data for sometime and then it started working automatically and the data suppose within that time happens / transacts in core db will be reflected in mirror db properly or not once it starts working

    As we are thinking for the root cause for the report data inaccuracy is somewhat related to db mirroring only

    Kindly let me know your valuable feedback on this peculiar issue

  • Thanks for sharing. Very nice. Looking to use in our environment.

  • Will this code work on systems where publisher, distribution and subscriber databases have been on individual servers ?

  • Yes. The code is based on the system tables in the distribution database. So you just need to run it on your distribution server.

    Good luck!

  • It's fantastic !! running likea charm.. Thank you very much bro for sharing us the invaluable script !! 😎

  • BUG FIX:

    Hi all,

    I recently discovered a bug in the get_distribution_status code (missing predicate) that incorrectly reported cmd_tbd/blk values when replication is configured for multiple publisher databases. The latest version (2.4) has been updated with the fix, plus a few performance enhancements, and re-posted with the article.



  • .

  • Thank you for the article!

    Has anybody trying using this on SQL Server 2014? I did and it returns no records.

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