Replication between 2 sql 2k2014 that has the same IP

  • Hello,

    I need to replicate a database from one location to another. Basically i should have a full copy of the whole environment which means application and the database. For the applicatiin is not a problem as there are not changes anymore and it is stable. Currently i'm focusing on the data only.
    The idea is that in case the primary environment is failing for some reasons, we have a ready environment to switch and the users can continue their works within a very short time. Max 30 minutes. The acceptable ti we have to replicate the data is every max 5 minutes. It is ok for the type of application even to loose the last 5 minutes and its acceptable.

    Now, the first problem i see is a networking issue. The environment are copy and must be copy of each other. This includes as well the network subnets. This means that both the publisher and subscriber will have yhe same ip address and even the same hostname.
    The question is: if i use a dsitributor which is on a different subnet and thus different ip address will it work the sync?

    As you can see, i'm not very familiar with the replication technology so every comment and thought is more than welcome.

    Mthan you

  • Would a failover cluster (FCI) fulfil the brief for you?

  • Beatrix Kiddo - Monday, April 30, 2018 2:51 AM

    Would a failover cluster (FCI) fulfil the brief for you?

    I'm not sure

  • This will not work with replication. Network & name issues that is.. 
    Maybe once you failover you can change the name and IP to match your primary.
    You should look for other options like evald suggested, clustering, log shipping, AG.
    If you use replication how will you failback? With standard edition you can do bi-directional transactional replication, P2P replication introduced in SQL 2005 but requires Enterprise Edition.
    I suggest staying away from replication as DR, very tricky to admin - unless you get a pro-DBA on staff - maybe find a Remote DBA at a fraction of the cost just to manage. Replication does provide almost active-active (online secondary) environment, but the admin overhead is a challenge.

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