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  • I have to agree with the customer.  Having meta-data that identifies a column in such a fashion is as dumb as labeling a column as "SSN" or "TaxID" even when the column data is encrypted.  It's a "flare" saying "Hello Mr. Attacker... let me save you some time so you can do a simple query on all column names to find exactly which columns you want for your payload".

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  • I see both sides. If the data is moved/masked, not sure there is a reason not to keep this metadata. Developers need to know this for work, to handle requirements and features.

    But, it's worth having a way to do this for people that think it's important.

  • As a FoRG I've had some interesting calls with the Data Catalog team.  The RedGate Data Catalog will pick up these values from the database as well as supporting many more out-of-the-box and useful properties.

    In my organisation we colour categorise data and determine an action with regard to export to other systems

    • RED = PII, GDPR sensitive
    • AMBER = Not PII as an individual piece but sensitive.  In aggregate could quickly expose an individual
    • BLUE = Reference data, config data, not sensitive in any way
    • GREEN = Open source data

    The challenge we have is how to make this visible to data consumers.  I think it would be great if RedGate SQLDoc had the capability to hook into RedGate Data Catalog to supplement  the the usual table/view column definitions with relevant metadata from the catalog.


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