Reliable practice tests and exam dumps for exam 70-761 (T-SQL Queries)

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    I have seen quite a few sites with exam dumps and practice exams.  Some websites even claim that the problems have been on actual exams.  When I read the "discussions" about the answers, apparently many of these are not providing the correct answer.  I don't want to end up accidentally learning something that is not the correct way of doing things.

    Does anybody know of any website that offers practice problems that are definitely reliable?

    Here is some more about the test.

  • Mr. Brian Gale


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    I would start by reading this:

    Specifically the section about the NDA:

     Why am I required to accept a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before I take an exam?

    The Microsoft Certification Program requires candidates to accept the terms of an NDA before taking an exam. The NDA legally requires candidates to keep information related to exam content confidential. Requiring the acceptance of the NDA helps protect the security of Microsoft Certification exams and the integrity of the Microsoft Certification Program by legally discouraging piracy and/or unauthorized use of exam content.

    Any exam dump that you find is gong to be in some form violating the NDA.  So, for reliable exam dumps - there should be none.  If they are reliable, they are violating the NDA.

    I would recommend finding a reliable TRAINING site (any Microsoft certified training site) as they will often have questions that are SIMILAR to what will be on the test, without violating the NDA.


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    On the exams website is a preparation section, within that section are the ONLY authorized items which can be used for study and practise.

    Within that section for 70-761 you will see a link to go to MindHub to get the authorized practise exam.  I would also recommend getting the exam prep book, Itzik is very knowledgeable who wrote that book and is what I used to further prep for the exam.

    As Brian has said above, never use dumps, never use anything which is outside of what is on the exam page, read the NDA very carefully and see if the potential of having your certifications revoked and never taking another cert exam again is worth it career wise.

  • Jeff Moden

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    Heh... exam dumps and other cheater methods (and that's what they are to me)...  This is one of the primary reasons why (except for the MCM certification, which they no longer offer) I don't even look at the alphabet-soup after a person's name on resumes or CV's.  It's also why I have to ask candidates a bunch of seemingly stupid "beginner level" questions on interviews.

    For example, I realize that candidates are typically very nervous during an interview (although I really don't understand why because the job(s) they claim to have had requires them to justify what they need to do on a daily basis).  With that, I tell them that I'm not going to ask any "manhole cover" questions and I'm not going to ask them what the minimum number of weighings it will take to find the heaviest of 8 otherwise identical balls on a balance scale and I'm not going to ask them how many piano tuners there are in the Bronx.

    To prove that to them in an attempt to get them to relax, I ask them how to get the current date and time in T-SQL.

    I didn't realize that simple little question was going to turn out to be a litmus test rather than an easy-peasy question that even a proverbial first-year "cadet" should be able to answer.

    If someone doesn't know at least one answer to the question, I pretty much know how the rest of the interview is going to go.  I'll usually not end the interview just because of that question because of the "case of the nerves factor" that I'm all too familiar with, but the responses to other equally simple questions usually prove out to be disappointingly same.  To repeat, these are NOT trick, misleading, or esoteric questions that require any thought.

    If they blurt out a single short answer, that's nice and they at least stand chance.  In almost all cases though, I'm looking for someone to fill a senior position so I'm highly appreciative of the candidate that will explain several different ways of accomplish things like that first question and the reasons why they might want to use each method.

    Shifting gears a bit, people tell me that I should "hire for attitude"... yeah, I do that, as well, but if someone can't make it through the basics and they're applying for a senior position, then they've just demonstrated what their attitude actually is and I want no part of such an attitude. 😉

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Scott Arendt


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    Jeff -

    That is a wonderful suggestion for a starting point.  I think I am going to incorporate it into the next interview that I do.


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