Receiving an error if field is Null when using a Trim/Split Expression

  • The Field PC_List contains, for example, "Ward:Blackrock"

    I wish to remove the word Ward and the colon from the string


    The above command works, unless there is a null value in the field which returns an error.

    I have created a Calculated Field to display called Ward

    I have tried:

    =IIF(Fields!PC_List.Value=Nothing,"No Value",Split(Fields!PC_List.Value,":")(1)) but the error is still displayed.

    I then tried to do it where the Length of the field was = 0 but still gets the error.

    Is there any way in which this can be achieved as I am tearing my hair out!!


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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • I don't know much about the language used in SSRS but why wouldn't you just find the position of the colon, add 1 to that, and use that as the starting position of a substring (or whatever it's called in SSRS).  That' bound to be faster than any splitting method.

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  • Cannot check this as I do not hve access to any SQL Server yet but IIRC IFF in SSRS is not short circuit and both results are evaluated and therefore you will always get the error. Also I think you should use IsNothing for the test and use it in both results.

    IIF(IsNothing(Fields!PC_List.Value),"No Value",Split(IIF(IsNothing(Fields!PC_List.Value),”:”, Fields!PC_List.Value),":")(1))

    Alternatively you could write .net code function to do it

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  • Thanks David, it's not working still so might need to revert to Code to get it to work

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