Rebuild index job is causing index corruption?

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    I posted previously "Corrupted index - find out what caused it".

    I've had the file system checked, check disk etc no issues. Rebooted server

    It is running on SQL 2005. Workgroup edition.

    It effects a single indexed view in one DB. The view has a clustered index and a unique non clustered index.

    It would SEEM the maintenance job to rebuild indices is causing corruption. This job

    1. re builds all indices in selected dbs

    2. runs checkdb on these DBs

    I put step 2 in to confirm the corruption was caused by index rebuild.

    A valid checkdb ran 30 mins before reindex. There was no activity on server in this 30mins.

    I will now put an extra checkdb before the reindex so I know exactly when it happens so I check before and after rebuild.

    The problem has come about since I introduced an indexed view. As it's workgroup edition I have to use (NOEXPAND) in queries to get the queries to use the view indices.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for reading my post

  • Jeff Moden

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    Seems like you uncovered a bug. Unfortunately, they not going to fix it because it's in a version of SQL Server that has been out of support for quite some time.

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  • terry999

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    Thanks for taking the time Jeff. A server and SQL upgrade are in the pipeline.

    I've seen posts about SQL2012 & 2014 having issues with rebuilding indices w.r.t corruption.

    First time I've used an index view, perfect for my situation.

    I'll continue to monitor it.

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