Real World Foreach Loop Container example

  • My pleasure, thank you very much for your kind comments.

  • Just wonder how to set a folder (directory) using a global variable? When i use my variable Directory user:: , the SSIS finishes with message - "no files in the specified directory" (or something like that, no failure though). Yet , files are there and when i "hard-code" the path and execute the SSIS again, everything works. What am i missing?

  • Hi Paul,

    I read your article and it helped me a lot. One question I have is how can I add the file creation date to my table?

    Thanks a lot


  • Great article, thanks! Will help me to get started

    But at the end you wrote: "And that's it! Running the package deletes all backup files that haven't been restored except the newest sixteen".

    You do mean "that HAVE been restored", right? 🙂

  • great article

    some time ago i played with something similar to import csv files with performance data but never got it to work in importing only the files that haven't been imported before. going to look at this again using a slightly modified version of your procedure

  • x

  • mona.togatorop (5/21/2008)

    I'm new to SSIS so this might be a very basis error but I'd appreciate some


    I've got error in Delete Old log File (File system Task) :

    Variable VarDeleteFileSName is used as a source or destination and is empty

    Please help me..

    Thank you

    I know this is six months late, but I resovled this exact scenario by placing a default value for varDeleteFileSName when declaring the global variable in the package. After that, the File System Task ran as expected. I supposed it needed to know there was a value before it executes. And because the script had not yet assigned a value to the variable, the File System Task would not start.

    Mark Maddox.

  • Hi

    veru use full information. I have another type of question. I have used Foreach loop to import multiple files. But if one file has some problem whole package is erroring out, Instead of going for another file it stops.

    How do I solve this problem ?


  • I would like to note that as of 4.8.2011, the images in the article are not viewable and give broken link errors. Thanks.

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