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  • SQL Server 2014 (13.0.5598)

    PROBLEM; 5 days ago when connecting to the SQL Server that hosts (in the cloud) our database I discovered that the ALTER VIEW STATE permission had been removed and I was now being connected to a different database by default then the one I had been for the last 9 months since we first moved to this SQL Server.

    The cloud vendor has corrected the ALTER VIEW STATE permission but they claim the SQL Login we use has not been altered since it was created when we moved to this SQL Server. When querying sys.server_principal the modify_date value for this login shows a date/time from 9 months previously.

    I know that ALTER VIEW STATE permission when changed does not change the modify_date value for the login but that date should be updated if the default database for the login is changed and yet modify_date has not changed for this login according to sys.server_principal.

    The reason its important to figure out whats going on with this is because no changes are supposed to be made to the logins we use.  The vendor has denied changing the ALTER VIEW STATE permission and they claim that they did not change the default DB.

    Q: Is there some way that the DB I am connected to by default when using this login could change and that change not be reflected in modify_date?  To my knowledge the default database is abased on what the login being used is configured to use and nothing else and yet it appears that the default DB for the login has not changed and yet as of last week the DB I am connected to when using this login has changed.



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