Query to return last row for each unique value on a column

  • nrdroque

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    Hi there,

    is it possible to get one line for each unique value (last one inserted)


    just show me the way dont give me the code please. 🙂



  • DesNorton


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    Take a look at the ROW_NUMBER() function

    WITH cteData AS (
    SELECT *, rn = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY {Fields to group by} ORDER BY {Fields that identify the order} DESC)
    SELECT *
    FROM cteData
    where rn = 1;
  • nrdroque

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    Thanks i will walk from there

  • Chris Harshman


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    There is another common pattern to solving this question, to use a CROSS APPLY, e.g.

    FROM Items i
    CROSS APPLY (SELECT TOP 1 statuscode FROM ItemStatus s WHERE s.ItemCode = i.ItemCode ORDER BY StatusDate DESC)

    Which one works better will depend on your data, such as how many rows per Equipamento code you have in your table, and if there is an index on your table that matches the conditions you are grouping and sorting by.

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