Proportional Fill

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  • Good question early in the morning. Had to do some math to get the brain going.

  • Brain obviously not going yet!

  • Yes, did the maths and assumed 1.4 must be the answer.

    Inspired guess really.

  • Interesting question, thanks.

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  • That was a good question. I assumed that the algorithm looked at the percentage free by file instead of the percentage of total space free on each file. Good to know I was confused!

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  • The title of the question gave a small hint on what the answer had to be... 😀

  • Great question, thanks.

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  • Interesting question, thanks Steve. 🙂 With the maths I kind of got into a fight,

    but at least I learned something new. 😉

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  • Thank you for the post, Steve, really good one.

    (I had read one blog some time back about adding multiple files to single file group claiming for some performance improvement; apart from that never tried or knew so much about this. This article link you posted '" is really awesome. Now I am going through that practically step by step.)

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  • If I'm not mistaken, does this only apply to auto-growth, right?

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