Profiler event: Showplan XML

  • Am I missing something with the Showplan XML from the profiler event?

    I was expecting having a plan like the "actual execution plan" like SSMS provide but it look like I'm getting the "estimated execution plan" which often result in a different plan from the executed one. For instance, I'm getting only "estimated number of rows" instead of "actual number of rows" from the plan's operators.

    I've look on BOL and I didn't find any useful information to determine what kind of plan I get:

    What I'm doing wrong or what I've missed about this event?


  • It's not the estimated plan, nor the actual plan. 😀

    It's the actual plan, but it gets captured by the trace before the query gets executed. This means that you won't have actual row counts and the like.

    Hope this helps


    EDIT: fixed typos

  • Thank you very much for the answer, I know understand what's going on.

    Unfortunately, there's seems to be no "Showplan XML: Completed" event or something similar in the profiler to get the actual execution plan (or is it embedded into an other event?)

  • AFAIK no, unfortunately.

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