Procedure to upgrade SQL Server on same server

  • Hi Experts,

    We have been asked to upgrade SQL server version on a number of STAND ALONE  as well as CLUSTER servers.
    Upgraded versions will be SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014 OR 2016 depends on application requirement.
    Many servers have multiple instances, but of the same version. 

    We will have sufficient downtime to UNINSTALL the existing instance and INSTALL with new versions.

    What's the most efficient method to uninstall old version and install with new version and restore all application databases ?
    What are the exact steps to follow to avoid maximum issues on both standalone and cluster servers ?.

    Kindly advise. Thanks in advance.

  • With any sizable number of instances to upgrade, where most are undergoing version upgrades, it may not actually make sense to use the same servers.   Servers acquired in the timeframe of "relative newness" of some of the older versions of SQL Server, may not be adequate to the needs of more recent versions, and in addition, you run a significant risk that if you run into a problem that can't be fixed, going back to your old setup could be extemely painful if not impossible, without an awful lot of precautionary measures that would significantly elongate the process.   Also, with version upgrades, it's generally a good idea to run in parallel for some period of time in order to ensure that everything still works in the new environment.   Personally, I wouldn't even consider it.

    That said, I wouldn't necessarily object to re-use of some of the hardware, assuming that it's of sufficient capacity or can be upgraded to that level, but only after the old system has been sunset after a parallel operation sufficient to justify the sunset.   Thus one could do a sort of "rolling upgrade" with at least some of that hardware.

  • Thanks sgmunson
    Hardware part is ok, that will be taken care of appropriately.

    However I just wanted to know what are the steps to be followed, if we need to uninstall and reinstall a different version (OR even a different EDITION of same version) on the same server.
    Whats the efficient method to migrate user databases, logins, jobs and other objects etc. from the existing instance to the new instance on the same server ?. Thanks for your support again.

  • Well, could see only two options -  You script / backup all the required stuff (which I believe you are well aware of ) manually , or use a tool to do the migration of logins / jobs etc (if you are considering retaining the previous instances for sometime).
  • Thanks Arsh.

    We will need to restore system DBs including master as well is it ?.

    Thanks again.

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