Problems when connecting to Oracle 8.0.5

  • We currently have a test server running Windows 2000 that is happily connected to an Oracle box as a Linked Server.

    I have now tried to configure another server by running the same Oracle Client installation routine. I then copied over the TNSNAMES.ORA file that I know works.

    I then went into SQL*Net and attempted to connect using the User Name, Password and Host String that works just fine on the first box.

    The new server won't connect.

    The only difference is that when installing on the new machine, I didn't take the suggested default path of D:\ORANT - I selected C:\ORANT instead.

    Should this have made such a difference?

    Can anyone suggest what else I could look at / change to get it going.

    I have tried uninstalling in order to re-install using the default path, in case that's it but it doesn't want to shift!

    Any suggestions gratefully received.


  • Hi Nigel,

    No experience on Oracle - hoping one of our readers does! If you dont mind, could you offer a bit of background on what TNSNAMES.ORA does - just because Im curious?


  • Andy,

    TNANAMES.ORA contains connection definitions for each of the Destination Servers in the following format:



    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(Host = = 1521))

    (CONNECT_DATA = (SID = b1b2))


    SID is the instance of oracle on the Host that is being referenced.

    We are still troubleshooting at the moment, but these have been the steps so far:

    Steps taken to resolve this issue:

     Find the location that the Oracle Client is using for TNSNAMES.ORA

     Start ‘Oracle Net8 Easy Config’

     Add a new Service – e.g. ‘BANANA’, TCP/IP, B1B2, 1521, TOP

     Save this Service and see where TNSNAMES.ORA is located

     Copy TNSNAMES.ORA and SQLNET.ORA to the correct location on to the new server, as defined above

     Ping each of the Destination servers

     Use TNSPing80 to ping each of the Destination Servers by their TNS name (e.g. BANANA)

    There's a prize for anyone who can mail me the 'real-life' relevance of B1B2 to Banana.

  • Thanks for posting that info Nigel. But I have no bananas!


  • A brief update - Oracle have informed me that the earliest version of Oracle supported on Windows 2000 Advanced Server is 8.1.7.

    Also, the easiest way of un-installing the version that currently exists is to delete the Oracle home directory (ouch!) I think a regclean is in order after that.

    The new version is on order and I will update when it's successful!

  • Gee, an upgrade will fix it? Who woulda thought??

    Thanks for the follow up!


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