Problem with renderer thinking I need a second (blank) page



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    I have a report that has a pagesize of 21cm by 29.7cm (an A4 page).

    The body of my report is 21cm by 27.7cm at the moment.

    I have a list item, which contains a rectangle. Within this rectangle, is a field which comes from my dataset (which has two rows, therefore, I expected the list item to display the rectangle twice, once for each instance of the field.

    While all of this works fine, I am finding that the renderer seems to think that my report requires two pages, even though the second page is empty, and my list item comes nowhere near the size of the end of the page.

    It seems to be linked to the height of my list item, because when I decrease the size of this, the renderer moves back to one page.

    I also seem to be able to force the report to become one page by reducing the height of the body container, when I increase the size of my list container. I want to be working with an A4 page though, so I wouldn't want to do this.

    Does anyone know why this is happening and how to prevent it?

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    Check the margins of your report. It looks like your page size is 21cm and your report width is also 21cm. If there is any margins on your report, this will force a second page.

    e.g. if you have a 1cm margin on the left and right hand side, you actually need a page width of 23cm for your report. Since the actual page width is 21cm, the only way to get the extra 2cm is to print a second page (even though there isn't anything actually printed on it).



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    I think I figured out my problem - the page height was probably set to being too high, as I think any empty space was being considered as something that should be replicated, which is what was pushing the report to the new page. I made the total page height smaller, so it JUST fit on the components I had put on the page, and the rendering seems to be working much better.

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