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    Dear Sir,

    I am in great trouble that I have a primary key field which is data type is int and identity specified. but problem is i can't maintain sequence due to

    when I delete one record then i can't recover previous no. how to get back the previous serial no. please tell me

    Thanking you


  • Phil Parkin

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    It shouldn't matter.

    But check out DBCC CHECKIDENT RESEED in BOL if you are adamant that it must be changed.

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    Identities aren't supposed to maintain a sequence without gaps. Why does it matter?

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  • Michael Valentine Jones

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    IDENTITY is not meant to maintain an unbroken sequence. It is only meant to quickly produce a new unique value that is higher than the last one that was used.

    If you delete a row or if an insert fails, the IDENTITY value is not reused.

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