Predict the outcome of the SQL statements

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    I would prefer that you gave a better answer/reason for the result of the first expression being 1 instead of 2. The reason is not simply because of the use of the DECIMAL datatype. It is because no precision and scale was specified. The default precision is 18 and the default scale is 0. This results in rounding to zero decimal places (i.e. it effectively results in an integer). In this situation, the floor function simply returns the value (it doesn't need to do anything since the DECIMAL (18,0) value is the same as the result of the floor function).

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    Thanks for explaining it clearly. I had missed this point.

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    Yes Happycat...Good Explanation.

    Select ceiling(Convert(decimal(2,1),1.09)) will give you the result 2.

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    Thanks for the better explanation of the Decimal function, as I was very confused about that one statement!

    Intersting question though.

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    Thanks happycat for the detailed explanation, makes perfect sense now.

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    Nice question, but the explanation could be better, as Happycat already demonstrated.

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    Great follow on explanation. Thanks.

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    Added a bit to the explanation, as per Happycat59


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    Thanks for the question.

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    Thanks for the question and for Happycat59's further explanation. I learned something new.


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    Nice fun question.


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    Interesting question.

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